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“A spectacular book full of important facts and information for all who desire success. This book is a tool to be used by working people, students, and generations of young and old, for knowledge and understanding of personal finance. Success is ensured by applying the steps and taking heed of the key information found throughout the book. After all, wealth is created by our thoughts and thereafter revealed in our actions.

My wish is that many people read this book and master personal finances!”

Nancy HamityAuthor of The Next Gear: Unleash your Inner Drive and Fast Track Your Career Growth

The rules of engagement for wealth have been the same for centuries and continue to be used by the wealthy. Vilochanee has revealed the secrets and myths that hold most South Africans back financially. Using this powerful information, anyone can tap into her strategies, start where they are, and never again have that anxious feeling in their stomach every time their bank statement comes. This book is about making smart financial decisions, not about working hard. Your lifestyle choices should be first and foremost, ahead of managing your money, and not the other way around.
I hope that in having this perspective, it will diffuse any fear you, as the reader, may have about the uncertainties of money management, and hopefully puts you in a positive frame of mind. Above all else, it is about improving your quality of life. Pay close attention to what you read in this book. Enjoy it, and above all else… USE IT!
In summary, congratulations to the author, editor, and team who produced this book. I highly recommend it.

Mduduzi K. LuthuliCo-founder and Director at Luthuli Capital

“An inspirational thought-provoking book on personal finance that creates wealth for all. This book is a must-read for those who desire to change their lives and learn how to manage finances; earn, spend, or save money in one way or another. Wealth and abundance facts are revealed through several methods collected in one place.
Financial freedom and success are possible using the concise information contained in the book. Knowledge is easily gained and understood.
Get on this ride and take this journey of success by gaining practical and specific fundamentals on how to achieve what you want out of life!”

Colin SmutsAuthor and Secretary of The Friends of Nadine Gordimer Committee