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‘Money Smart’ is a no-nonsense guide to managing your personal finances.
At the beginning of the Covid-19 crises, I decided to purchase and read this book. I was pleasantly surprised to read about simple to implement strategies for restructuring my own personal financial situation. I applied what I learned about being ‘money smart’ from Vilochanee with great effect and I am grateful to have read her book during such trying times.

Juan de Beer Odendal


“So much has been said on how to become financially successful and independent, but Money Smart will begin your journey to awareness of and understanding your finances. Uncover the thought patterns that have been hindering your monetary growth, and get rid of the pitfalls to your own financial success.”

John Moakler

Author of Heal Thy Wealth


On the back of a 21-year career in procurement with blue-chip companies, she has led the successful growth of businesses by purposefully increasing wealth and reducing costs. She possesses a wide range of skills in procurement across multiple industries, and she uses her sales, service, and product knowledge to contribute to the personal, financial, and career growth of people from all walks of life.


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