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How (and why) are debts created, and how do you break this cycle of debt?

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Money Smart

How to Be Finance-Savvy and Live a Wealthy Life

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Money Smart is aimed at creating awareness for individuals through the understanding of everyday personal finance. It can be effortlessly adapted for use by everyone and puts financial gain within reach once acted upon. Unlike most other books on financial freedom that focus primarily on stock market trading, the information contained in this book discloses the steps to the skill of financial abundance. It will place the reader in total financial control of his or her life, and allow the flow of money and wealth through simple techniques which include planning and changes in thought patterns.

The goal is for readers to purposefully prosper financially by changing personal financial status through wealth building, investment in assets and property, and more importantly, on spend and thrift patterns.

Contained in a single book is all the information the reader needs to attain success and to be able to control, manage, and direct a flow of financial abundance throughout their lives. The book covers in-depth topics like financial goals, financial freedom, budgeting, income, property, and investments.

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Don’t Take My Word for It

“This book will not only help you gain an understanding of the retail market, it will also talk about in-depth topics like financial goals, financial freedom, budgeting, and property investments—all that you need to become finance-savvy to live a wealthy life! A huge shout-out to Vilochanee Naidoo for this life-changing book!”

“Vilochanee Naidoo selflessly shares what she knows about creating a constant flow of financial abundance through this book. Her wide range of skills in procurement and finance will help you achieve the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of. Finally, a book that will make you debt-free!”

“So much has been said on how to become financially successful and independent, but Money Smart will begin your journey to awareness of and understanding your finances. Uncover the thought patterns that have been hindering your monetary growth, and get rid of the pitfalls to your own financial success.”

Get the book now and learn how to be finance-savvy and live a wealthy life...

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